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Becoming a Better Baby Photographer – 5 Tips

If you have chosen photography as your profession and you are passionate about capturing the biggest blessing of life through your lenses then it can be the best and most rewarding career! No matter how tough it might be capturing that perfect shot with newborns along with all the precautions that you need to take in order to ensure that the babies are not hurt in the process, just be patient and at the end you will have your coveted prize.  You may have dozens of creative ideas cluttering your mind: a beautiful headband, a feathery blanket, a bright flower, etc., but these are going to work best when you keep these 5 trending tips in your mind.

baby photographer

  1. When you are photographing babies that are less than 2 weeks old, you need to set the scene at the right time, which is the period when they are most comfortable and thus easily moldable. You can use the time just after they have been fed because they will co-operate more. Newborns tend to feel more comfortable in a warm room so make sure you keep the temperature just right. Also keep everything that you might need well within your reach, such as cloth diapers, blankets, etc. Just remember one golden rule while photographing babies: don’t disturb a sleeping baby.
  2. It is important to define the purpose for which the photographs are taken so remember to discuss this with the parents. Whether they want the baby pictures for creating those ‘baby announcement’ cards or they want to create a canvas or a cute documentary. Knowing this information will help you produce photographs with the right meaning and dimensions.
  3. Keep the focus only on the baby. To help accomplish this, you may need to have a solid background that hides other distractions. It is unlikely that the baby will come to the studio so most probably you will be shooting at the baby’s house so ask the parents to keep the room clean and remove everything from the background so that the focus is completely on the baby.
  4. Emphasizing on the tiny details of the baby can bring up great results. You may have already seen belly buttons zoomed in, wedding bands on toes, etc. What really works are simple and elegant close-ups of the babies’ fingers, toes, their cute yawn, parent’s hands holding the wee little fingers of the babies, closed eyes that are yet to see the world and other amazing baby expressions.
  5. Be very careful when using props because the right ones can create masterpieces and the wrong ones can completely destroy a nice photograph. Sometimes using too many props can spoil the scene or irritate a child, so you may instead try using different baby positions to create the magic. When they are sleeping, they can get into cute positions with your patience and assistance. Take a deep breath and let the baby feel comfortable in the position before you can start experimenting with your lenses.

Stop worrying and start enjoying the time you spend with babies because when they are comfortable with you around, they will co-operate all the more.